Things Baby Boomers Struggle to Let Go Of

Ok I find this both insulting and humorous. According to Farah Zeb a writer for the website “Because Mom Says,” said that there are 10 things that Baby Boomers (I prefer the “Jones Generation” thank you), refuse to stop doing because “Memories of the “good old days” keep them trapped in the past”.

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  • Going to the Mall
  • Watching 24-Hour News Channels
  • Still Have Utility Bills Mailed
  • Using Landlines
  • Writing in all Caps

Check out the rest here!

I will only admit to one of these… (Only during breaking news though.J) The rest? Well consider me to be young at heart because this sista let these go years ago and one of them I’VE NEVER DONE unless of course it’s for a commercial or news story. So yeah… there’s that.

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