Praying For The Milestones In Your Life

I spent the weekend in Memphis for the Radio Cares for St. Jude Kids Seminar and came away knowing that I’m blessed beyond measure… and that we need to support this hospital that takes very, very sick children with cancer and sickle cell disease without asking the families for a dime. 

The families I met said it over and over, “St. Jude takes care of everything.” And they do, from housing to breakthrough medical technology, with no expense is spared. 

The biggest impact was making this milestone bracelet:

Each bead means a milestone that each child at St. Jude makes from going to elementary school to having children of their own. The first is supposed to be my name but I decided that I would put my prayer for the children in St. Jude first.

Then there’s elementary school, high school, college, the blue bead represents children (that’s for my son), pink is love/marriage, green is for careers and the last is the bead represents my visit to St. Jude. 

My daily reminder that I want to see more children meet their milestones. 

You’ll see and hear more about how you and I can help St. Jude reach their milestones as well with the breakthroughs they are discovering in Memphis, impacting cancer and sickle cell patients here in metro Detroit and beyond.

In the meantime, enjoy some of the sights, and fun from Memphis and go to and get more information. They are truly finding cures and saving children!

Like Clockwork… The Ducks Walk!

Sights of Downtown Memphis and the World Famous Peabody

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Darrell Petties and SIP perform at Saturday Nights Red Carpet Dinner!


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