I Dreamed Of You Last Night

I came over excited to see you and to share a song I found that reminded me of you; but I needed to charge my phone first so you could hear it.

You were acting strange and I found out why when your girlfriend bounced in the room and  began kissing you in front of me while I bashfully tried to get my charger plugged in so…

After some giggles shared by you and your girl, I left the room, walked into the bathroom and locked the door until I could safely leave without being embarrassed.

Finally, someone else came in who seemed all too familiar, struggling to bring what looked like a mattress up some steps alone. As I began to help, I kept searching for the door and looking to see where you were at the same time, because I didn’t want you to see me leave.

I know she knew me too because she kept asking me why I was there, and where you were. As I began to speak, you walked out with your girlfriend and I slipped out the door and down the street.

Leaving you behind finally, with no tears

What this dreams means to me:

First of all, this was a message for me! But I’m posting it because I feel, too many of us have gone back to broken relationships because of insecurities or fear we can’t do better so here goes:

Sometimes revisiting the past – even for the most innocent things – can cause hurtful  consequences. Familiarity feels comfortable, but for unhealthy relationships… not so much. So you have to find the courage to power yourself up so you can leave, and no longer feel obligated to carry that load you’ve been struggling to carry up hill on your own. When you finally get enough energy to unlock that door and walk away – then and only then will you be free.

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