Turning Off The ‘Perfectionist’ Switch

Hi, my name is Randi and I’m a perfectionist. All Together: “Hi Randi

Sometimes I feel like there needs to be some sort of support for those of us who just have to have total control over things that matter very little to others. For instance, it wrecks me to see window blinds not evenly drawn. 

Or, please don’t hand me a newspaper out of order… they make it in A B C order for a reason. 

Over the years I’ve gotten better, partly because I have a son who could care less about being perfect and I’ve tired of chasing the perfectly tidy house. It’s clean… and that’s good enough until I can super clean. The other reason is learning to lean on God to perfect those not so perfect places in my life. 

So, my office is always stacked with CD’s for songs I need to listen to… or not.  But because I have so much to do, I get to them a little at a time, rather than all at once.

Sure, I have my occasional breakdowns as my family can attest to (I recently ranted and cried to my sister about a situation and I think I fired her up too… oops.).  Oh, and I am oddly attracted to people who are perfectionist too, and find myself talking them off a tree limb when they figure out some things you just can’t do! It’s frustrating!

To make matters worse, a new study from  Jason Moser, an assistant professor of psychology at Michigan State University and lead investigator of an anxiety study says, that perfectionism “appears to be greatly due to genetic risk factors as well as the unique experiences people have outside the home.” (Wall Street Journal)


Well, that explains why my uncle had to have the exact spoonful amounts of International Cafe Swiss Mocha coffee in his cup instead of the heaping spoonfuls my cousins wanted to use. 

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Or, why my grandfather had to have the car serviced exactly at the mileage the handbook recommended. Or, why I have to have the blinds at the same level. And… 

Look, It’s hard being a recovering perfectionist, but one thing I do know… The things that plague me most have been set at the foot of the cross. There are some things I just can’t control. Some things I just can’t fix. And to that I say Hallelujah… God’s Got It! (Thanks J. Moss!)

1 Peter 5:7 “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.”

Thanks for your personal scriptures for letting go as well: 

I Chronicles 17:23 -26     Jeremiah 29:11

James 4:7                          John 8:32

Post your favorites here as well and thanks! ~Randi





  1. Thank you for this, a month ago yesterday I lost my mom. During my healing I’m coming to understand that I have to give of ALL to go so that true healing and Life for me can be whole so I thank you for this post I ask that God bless and keep you for you have helped me become a step closer to my healing

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