Gray Hair, Don’t Care!

Coloring or not coloring your hair is a choice. I won’t throw “shade” at anyone who wants to use hair coloring if that is what makes them feel their best. I happened to embrace my graying hair over a decade ago after a terrible allergic reaction to some hair dye. I ended up cutting my hair off and started over with salt and pepper which I loved!

Over the years, it’s gotten more platinum than salt and pepper and I always get comments from women on how they wish they could do the same. I say go for it if you’re up to the transition. It’s not for the weak.

Grayson Loves My Gray Hair

I watched a piece on the Today Show Wednesday morning that said many women stopped coloring their hair during the height of the pandemic and found it freeing. Including a Canadian TV New anchor who was recently let go from her job after 35-years. Lisa LaFlamme’s contract was not renewed due to what the company says was “changing viewer habits,” and the ever popular going in a “different direction’ thing.

LaFlamme however, says she was blindsided by the firing and points to the the head of CTV News, who reportedly questioned the approval of letting her go gray in a meeting. (Source: The Today Show)

Do YOU Lisa! And DO if you color your hair regularly… like I said at the top… it’s a “choice.”

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