Pastor Who Was Robbed Challenges D.L. Hughley To A $1M Boxing Match

First it was Monique now D.L. Hughley is beefing with the Pastor Who Was Robbed

The pastor of Leaders of Tomorrow Church in Brooklyn has had enough of D.L. Hughley implying that he’s a fraud and has challenged him to a million-dollar boxing match. How I wish this wasn’t true!

Bishop Whitehead said, “At the end of the day DL needs ratings y’all, so he challenges him in the boxing ring and will knock him out in the name of Jesus, exclaiming, “I’m gonna knock you out…let’s set it up. I’ll put up a million. Me and my team will put up a million dollars right now.” Ugh

D.L. replied...

At this writing… the back and forth is still going on (SMH). Monique anyone?

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