Confessions of a Gospel DJ

A long time ago, an EX-boyfriend told me instead of being on the radio; I should become a secretary or something. A relative tried to convince me that this field was too hard to get into. A co-worker said women just don’t get prime DJ/voice over jobs. Another said I wouldn’t last 6-months when I left. Still others told me I shouldn’t adopt a child, live where I live, find a new church, or speak/help/love this or that person; yadah, yahda, blah, blah! What I’m trying to say is, the negative things that come out of your mouth can be absorbed or used as fuel. Stop blocking blessings with negativity. Or, keep it up and watch me run with the extra fuel you’ve given me. Oh by the way, your words will come back to bite ya dead in the… Proverbs 18:21


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