Facing Facebook

On my way to work but had to stop and vent a sec. I love FB… I really do. It’s allowed me to connect & re-connect with family & friends. Behind this keyboard y’all get to see who I am, what I do, my passion and even sometimes my pain. But quite frankly, I’m really sick of the cowards FB has groomed.

I’ve seen relationships damaged beyond repair because of things that are said on FB. Childish behavior reminiscent of playground bullies… but at least you could “face” your bullies. Here, you have no recourse other than battling back on your status. *sigh*

My own family and friends have taken part in the war of words and those of you who have received my inbox reprimands know how much this ticks me off. Let me remind you, your rants never go away. Mentally or in the cyber-world. You may feel better about going off on someone… but after the dust settles, and you’re going on with your life satisfied that you “told them off'” that stuff will swirl right back in your “face.”

My job requires that I be social, so I’m not about to stop posting and playing a game or two. But what I will do, is try my best to remain positive and prayerful each time you go to my page. Oh, and for those of you who feel I’ve gotten too preachy, “ooo, Randi always puttin’ up scripture and stuff… she aint no preacher,” I kindly invite you to delete me as your friend. (Such a childish thing to say… delete me… un-friend me… Another post for another day)

I choose to walk in love because it smells better to God!

Ephesians 5:2,



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