Norman Hutchins: ‘Don’t Wait Till You Get It…

Shout Like You Got It

That’s the title of Dr. Norman Hutchins latest single birth from surviving months in the hospital with COVID and being told he would not make it. BUT GOD! I talked to Dr. Hutchins about that experience as well as his very early start in ministry which he said he thanks God “for the foundation given to him through the church.”

Norman Hutchins started his music career in 1992 and has released over ten albums over that period. He started preaching at the age of 8 and ordained at the age of 12, allowing him to support his family. Find out more about Dr. Hutchins @NormanHutchins on Facebook or

Check out our inspirational conversation below!

Randi Myles Online
Randi Myles Online
Norman Hutchins: 'Don't Wait Till You Get It...

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