Growning up, Some of Best Friends Were Republican

My opinions on my social pages are mine. They are not on my page for you to start an argument with me or for you to spread your venom. You do not have to agree with me… I am totally cool with that… but if you decide, with your grown arse, to be nasty with your “point of few” you gotta go.

Today, I lost a long time friend because at 60, she continued to add her negative opinions about my support of BLM and disapproval of the current administration on my personal page… and in messenger. It seems so childish to me. When did this behavior become acceptable?

Growing up, some of my best friends were Republican. 😄

But seriously, I grew up with Republican and Democrat family and friends. When the elections were said and done, we put our heads down and continued to work together. My grandfather was a long time proud Republican with a picture of Ronald and Nancy Reagan on his buffet. I do not recall the nastiness I feel now when Bill Clinton was elected for a second term… the last election he voted in. Was he happy about it? Not at all! However, there was always a sense of working together no matter who was in the Oval Office.

Official Portrait of The Reagans, 1985/Mary Ann Fackelman-Miner/Public Domain

It was not until I worked for conservative Christian radio did I begin to see the divisiveness that has turned into straight up hatred between political parties. I actually heard a talk show host say that if you “voted for Barack Obama, you would go to hell.” Subsequently, there were callers crying and saying on the air that they wished they could change their vote. I was also nearly fired after the black folk in the building were too celebratory when Barack Obama was elected for a second term.

I felt like a square peg in a round hole being Democrat with the gall to be a Christian.  You can not possibly be both is what I gathered while working there. And why not? The God I serve is the same one you do. My prayers go the same direction as yours. And from what I am observing, I am no more radically liberal than some of the Republicans I see spreading hate, fear and division these days. And what I am also observing, this is not representative of Republicans in the past; especially with the antics of the current president.

So here is what I am going to do… Go ahead be a Republican… I will go ahead and be a Democrat… but I will draw the line when you feel the need, with your grown arse, to put any rhetoric or lies on my page. I would never do that to you… then again… I have more productive things to do.

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