Let This 120+ Weight Loss Journey Encourage You [[Pic Inside]]

Back when he was in high school, Robert Browne lived and breathed football—and was good enough to earn him a college scholarship for it. But he fractured his knee toward the end of his junior year, which required several surgeries just to repair the damage.

The injury caused depression; he stopped working out, and ate whatever he wanted. Before he realized it, his weight jumped to over 350 pounds.

After a doctor told him that he was at high risk of having a stroke, Browne was prescribed medication to regulate his blood pressure, but realized that he didn’t want to be stuck taking pills for the rest of his life so he decided to take charge of his health. I’d say that’s exactly what he did! (Source: BlackDoctor.org)

Dear Sir…. WOW!

For more on Robert’s Journey, check out him here.

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