Ecorse Public Schools District Superintendent Dr. Josha Talison, ‘The Gift Of A Musical Instrument Can Transform Lives’

Musical Instrument Donation Drive at Ecorse Public Schools This Weekend

Ecorse Public Schools will be holding its first Musical Instrument Donation Drive on Saturday, September 28, 2019, from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. at Ecorse High School 27385 W. Outer Dr. Ecorse, MI 48229 to benefit the Ecorse school community. The district’s goal is to raise $30,000 and/or to secure the musical instruments identified on the list below.

“The gift of a new or gently used musical instrument can transform lives. Research shows that children who study a musical instrument are more likely to excel in all of their studies, work better in teams, have enhanced critical thinking skills, stay in school, and pursue further education,” explains Ecorse Public Schools District superintendent, Dr. Josha Talison.

The district is also actively seeking sponsors of its up-coming musical instrument drive, the donations of new or gently used musical instruments and financial donations to its musical instrument fund.

They are currently seeking:

  1. Bundy Flute BFL-300 (5)
  2. Blessing BPC-1287 standard Piccolo (3)
  3. Bundy BCL-300 clarinet (7)
  4. Vito 7168 Low E flat Bass Clarinet (2)
  5. Leblanc Model 7182 Contrabass Clarinet (1)
  6. Bundy BAS-300 student Alto Sax (5)
  7. Jupiter JTS1100 Tenor saxophone (2)
  8. Selmer SBS280R  La VioxII Baritone Saxophone (2)
  9. Blessing BFH-1287 Standard French Horn (4)
  10. Yamaha YHR-302M Series Marching B flat Horn (3)
  11. Yamaha YSL-445G Intermediate Trombone Outfit (5)
  12. Jupiter JTB1100F Performance series F-Attachment Trombone (2)
  13. Jupiter JBR200 Standard series B flat Baritone Horn (4)
  14. Blessing BM-311 Marching series B flat Marching Baritone (3)
  15. Yamaha YBB-105WC series 3 valve 3/4 BB flat Tuba (2)
  16. Conn 20K series Bass BB flat Sousaphone with case (2)
  17. Yamaha Student Steel Snare Drum (3)
  18. Perl Concert Bass Drum with suspended stand STBD (2)
  19. Yamaha 9300 series SFZ Marching Snare drum 14×12 Black Forest with Chrome Hardware (5)
  20. Yamaha 16″ Field Corps Bass drum (3)
  21. Yamaha 18″ Field Corps Bass drum (3)
  22. Yamaha 22″ Field Corps Bass drum (3)
  23. Yamaha 24″ Field Corps Bass drum (3)
  24. Yamaha 28″ Field Corps Bass drum (3)
  25. Zildjian Stadium Medium Cymbal pair 16″ (2)
  26. Zildjian Stadium Medium Cymbal pair 18″ (2)
  27. Zildjian Stadium Medium Cymbal pair 20″ (2)

If you can help in any way, sponsorships or donations, please contact the office of the Ecorse Public Schools District Superintendent, Dr. Talison at (313) 294-4750.


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