Take Control Tuesday: Why Paying Your Bills On Time Doesn’t Guarantee a Good Credit Score

Oh, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay those bills, or pay them on time… but Housing Counselor and Financial Coach Mansa Musa says there are other factors that go into a good credit score. Mr. Musa heads the Central Detroit Christian Community Development Corporation (CDC) and is giving us great information about our financial wellness each Tuesday.

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For Take Control Tuesday’s we’re giving away free admission to our next moneysmartlife.org event ($25 value.) This event is for anybody that wants to achieve a goal. Maybe you want to buy the house that you live in. As the city comes back, you have to be financially capable to take advantage of opportunity when it arrives.

If you want to save and send your kids to college; have a decent retirement; or maybe you’re just sick of living from paycheck to paycheck; whatever; come to the event. You will leave with actionable information that you can put to work now to improve your financial wellness.

And at the end of the event I’ll give you a certificate worth up to $7500 dollars in down payment assistance. It is good for one year. Seating is limited so go to MoneySmartlife.org sign up or call 313-626-SMART (7627). Mr. Musa also has 0% interest loans and help with back taxes call 313-626-SMART (7627)

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Randi Myles Online
Randi Myles Online
Take Control Tuesday: Why Paying Your Bills On Time Doesn’t Guarantee a Good Credit Score

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