Game on Wednesday: 5 Steps to Empowering our Youth

If you have kids, or if you are around them daily, you understand that it takes energy to give them the tools to succeed. We have to care. Our kids are being bombarded with negative images, bullying and low self-esteem; all taking a toll on them these days. And, with the recent revelation that two children right here in our city were missing… and not noticed at all… we have got to find a way to lift our kids up. Mitch Albom recently wrote an article in the Free Press where he said,

This is about a belief system. One that says that children are expendable. One that says violence is a way of life. One that says sex is more important than any consequences, that having it when you want it and how you want it far outweighs the children it can produce. This is about believing family is nothing more than a word, about believing fatherhood is something you wholeheartedly avoid. It’s about believing sociopathic behavior can go regularly unnoticed, that’s just how it is. And, ultimately, it’s about believing things are nobody’s business, that we should leave each other alone, that asking questions is intrusive and being curious just can get you hurt.

So today, Dr. Joseph Kimbrough will give us five solid tips to help empower our youth. We need to lift the next generation up…  It’s Game On!

Listen here:

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Do you have a question for Joseph or myself for the next Game on Wednesday? Email me at And, for more information on Joseph Kimbrough, President of Sensible Business Technical and Leadership Institute, Log onto: or call: 248-973-SBCG (248-973-7224)Joseph Kimbrough Stops by praise Detroit

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Game on Wednesday: 5 Steps to Empowering our Youth

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