Tiffany Patton, A Woman of God Truly “On The Go”

Detroit’s Own Tiffany Patton and I have been admiring each other’s career (admittedly she’s probably listened to me most of her young life!) and to that end, I’m excited about what she’s doing beginning Saturday at 2:30 on The Impact Network. I’m thrilled to talk to her about her new TV show “On The Go With Tiffany Patton.” We chatted about how she got into media and Tiffany literally on the go all over the place with cameras and mics following her:

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Tiffany Patton On The Go

A native of Detroit, Tiffany’s show is focused on providing the rebirth to the Renaissance era and creating a platform where jazz, neosoul & inspirational music can be heard and enjoyed all while establishing a platform to uplift, encourage, empower and inspire daily. Tiffany has a tenacious desire to educate and empower and has been doing this through radio and is excited to now have TV as a platform to do the same.

The Impact Network is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Founded by Bishop Wayne T. and Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson. It is currently the only African-American founded and operated Christian Broadcast Television in the United States. Its primary purpose is to take the message of Jesus Christ to all cities, nations, and the world. The Impact Network is a telecommunications company dedicated to producing and broadcasting quality inspirational, informative, entertaining and engaging television programming. The Impact Network has an uncompromising commitment to wholesome family-oriented entertainment. is time they have developed programs and resources to empower and transform the lives of those who have fallen on hard times.

“On The Go With Tiffany Patton” airs Saturdays on The Impact Network at 2:30est.

Look for Tiffany’s new book this fall and LIKE her on Facebook.

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Randi Myles Online
Tiffany Patton, A Woman of God Truly "On The Go"

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