How to Handle Your Bad-Influence Friends

My family and I are on a health journey. Want to join us? One of the ways that’s helping me is logging my activity and eating habits. I’ve learned a ton about my snacking habits… portion control. That’s all I have to say about that. But what about socializing and our friends influences? I found this great article from that just may help us stay on track too:

88063966Friends are pretty awesome. They’re there to share a glass of champagne during the good times, and (hopefully) hand you a tissue when things aren’t going so great. But what happens when your bestie suddenly doesn’t seem to have your best interests in mind? It could be a spouse who doesn’t like hearing your morning alarm: “You seem tired. Why don’t you sleep in instead of waking up early to workout tomorrow?” A well-intentioned mother: “But lasagna is your favorite—have another plate!” Or a friend who doesn’t understand the new you: “You’re skipping happy hour to go to Zumba again? Loser!”

A little voice in your head might try to convince you to relax, go back to your “easy” existence, and focus your attention on making everyone around you happy. Don’t listen to that voice! Here are 3 questions to ask yourself instead:

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1. Do I feel healthy and energized when I’m around him/her? Friends should lift your spirits and increase your happiness. If a friend or relative doesn’t fully support you—or the new you you’re trying to become, then the two of you may not be connecting in an authentic way. Instead of trying to please someone else, start a conversation with your buddy. Saying something like, “Hey, I’m on this health-kick right now, and I’d love for you to have my back,” might help your friend realize she’s not being as supportive as she could be.

2. Am I my kindest and healthiest self when I’m with him/her? If the answer is no, you’ll need to really think about your relationship. Friends who drink too much, eat junk food constantly, gossip about others, or focus on material things will influence you to do the same—it’s human nature to want to connect with others at their level. Again, start a conversation. It could be that your friend doesn’t even realize she’s always pushing you to finish her cheesy fries, or poo-pooing your invitations to join you for a hike.

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