Kevin LeVar and One Sound, ‘Destiny: Live at the Dream Center’ Is Here! [[Interview]]

Gospel Artist Kevin LeVar recorded his latest album, “Destiny: Live at the Dream Center and More,” with the help of reformed drug dealers and prostitutes.

The Washington D.C. native, is celebrating the release of his second project today and I found out that instead of recording his latest material in a fancy studio with some of gospel music’s biggest names that he might have had access to, LeVar opted to work out of The Dream Center, a rehabilitation facility in Los Angeles, Calif.

It is there that gang bangers, drug dealers, prostitutes and others who seek help find refuge, Bible studies and rehabilitation for themselves and their families.

“I felt the Dream Center would be the perfect place because I felt the Lord telling me, you know this record is for the Josephs. This is for the one that the people have overlooked, the one that they’ve thrown away,” LeVar told The Christian Post. “So we went to The Dream Center and we had 50 or 60 of those precious men and women piled into the studio. They’re the ones singing the chorus on ‘Born To Be Great.'” (Read the Rest by Clicking Here!)

 I talked to this gifted man of God about his new project and his passion was simply overflowing!

Listen Here: 

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Partial Article via Christian PostChristine Thomasos & Interview by Randi Myles & Video via YouTube


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Randi Myles Online
Randi Myles Online
Kevin LeVar and One Sound, 'Destiny: Live at the Dream Center' Is Here! [[Interview]]

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