Jacky Clark Chisholm ‘It Really Is My Season’ [[Interview]]

I told Jacky Clark Chisholm that I don’t know a Clark, Sheard, Moss, Cole or anyone slightly related to gospel great Mattie Moss Clark, who isn’t gifted musically.

Today, we celebrate Jacky’s solo project due out later this year and her new single called My Season. We talked about what it’s like to sing solo after leaning on your sisters for so long, how My Season came about and how she is loving and embracing her busy life.

Click the Picture to Hear the Interview:

It's also Lupus Awareness Month! We support those who are effected by this disease, during our interview  today.
It’s also Lupus Awareness Month! We pray and support you if you are affected by this disease.

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Randi Myles Online
Randi Myles Online
Jacky Clark Chisholm 'It Really Is My Season' [[Interview]]

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