Why Your Life Purpose Is More Than What You Do For A Living

via:  Relevant Magazine – Liz Henderson

Margaret Meade once said that “a small group of thoughtful people can change the world.”


Last Monday night, I invited a group of women into my home to talk about how to discover your purpose and passion in this life. The room was filled with accountants, doctors, bloggers, teachers, moms, trainers and more. These women truly could change the world.

But at the end of the day, no matter our profession, we all long for more in this life. We all want to know deep in our hearts what our true purpose is and what that looks like lived out.

But what if you were told that your life purpose is not your profession or role at home? What if the job that you spent years of college learning about and countless hours training for was not the total sum of your purpose?

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My purpose in this life is not to be a radio producer, a writer, a wife or a mom. For many of us, this kind of statement shakes us to the core. But for others, it’s extremely liberating knowing that there is more to this life than our 9-5 job or our role at home. Our life purpose goes far beyond that.

My dear mentor, Lisa, spent the evening with us and shared that our purpose is lifelong. It’s not solely defined in our career, but rather it’s a life statement that is lived into our titles, roles and every aspect of our lives. She challenged each of us to come up with our own purpose statement that incorporates the talents God has given us.

For example, Lisa’s purpose statement is to “create environments where life transformation can take place.” While this is lived out in her job as a church small group director, it’s also lived out in the ways she ministers to her husband, entertains in her home and interacts with people on a daily basis. This life purpose goes past her job title and role as a wife. It’s infused into every part of who she is and what she does.



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