The Charles Ramsey Effect

Three missing women were discovered in Cleveland, Ohio this week and by all news accounts, mere miles from where they were raised. Three brothers will no doubt face a myriad of charges as a result. God knows what these women went through or who else may have been there. Not to mention the therapy these women will need to unravel the tangles from the last 10 to 12 years of their lives.

But the focus has been on the very colorful hero, Charles Ramsey. Charles – reminiscent of a character or two from the movie “Coming to America” – was the man who rescued Amanda Berry (missing for 10-years), Gina Dejesus, (missing since 2004) and Michele Knight, (missing since 2002). This set off a chain of events sure to become a Lifetime or Hallmark movie one day.  Every interview with him has been entertaining and riveting. His words… “Dead Giveaway” has become an internet song while millions of us  (including me) get a bit of comic relief from this horrific story.

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Now, I’m not saying anything is wrong with it. Honestly, I would love a “Charles Ramsey” in my life. At least I’d know he had my back! What I am saying is that We Need More Charles Ramsey’s to stand up for the missing everywhere! I mean, they could very well be right next door to us!

See: Charles Ramsey: ‘I Don’t Want’ Media Attention, I’m Just An ‘American’ And A ‘Human Being’

So, for the thousands of men, women and children missing in America, lets keep our eyes open. Be aware of what is going on in your own neighborhood. You may not get an internet song and tons of media attention, but being a Charles Ramsey apparently isn’t a bad thing. Especially when it means a missing person (Or, Three) can be reunited with family and friends.

Click here for a list of missing persons right here in Michigan: Michigan State Police

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