I Could Use A Vacation

I’m sure you could too. But with the economy the way it’s been… and seeing that this is the first full-time on air gig I’ve had in years… well, jetting off has been out of the question. 

The last two-years I’ve attempted short vacations to both Baltimore and Atlanta. But because my son was going through a rough time… the trips were stressful, thus… no real vacation.

So I posed a question on Praise 102.7 today… What would be your dream vacation? If you had the funds and the time, where would you go? For me, anywhere that has sand and an ocean view. Preferably in Australia! I once para-sailed over Paradise Island in Nassau! That was breathtaking!

So today while I wait… I’ll marvel at God’s spectacular ocean views via this Youtube Video from Ales Temple and  dream a little dream:

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