Nothin’ Like The ‘D’ on a Friday Night

I love working downtown! Who am I fooling… I love having a job! Best of all I love what I do… but after a long week, it’s good to say goodbye for the weekend. Here are my weekend parting shots or “Deuces!”

From April 27, 2012

From May 05, 2012 “Till Monday”

From May 25, 2012 “Memorial Day Weekend Deuces”


From 06/01/12 “Dag-nabbit see ya on Monday!✌”

From June 08, 2012 “You know what time it is ~ Deuces! ✌”

From June 15, 2012 Spirit of Detroit “#Pow see you Monday… Deuces! ✌

From June 23, 2012 Joe Louis Fist at Hart Plaza or “The World’s Largest Fist Bump.” Late because I had to come back, deuces till Monday!

From June 29, 2012 One Of My Favorites! “#Deuces Till Monday! Yeah,,, I know it’s late.”

From July 06, 2012 Historic Mariners’ Church “You know the drill! Deuces till Monday! ✌”

From July 13, 2012 Hart Plaza and the Tall Twisty Thing “Cruising past Hart Plaza last night. Weekend Deuces!✌”

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