He’s Able!

From the top: I adopted my son as a single parent shortly before his 1st birthday. You wouldn’t know it by looking at us:

Why am I here?

For 16 years we’ve dealt with the aftermath of his birth mom exposing him to drugs, leaving him in the hospital and living with foster parents for nine-months  who were – though I thank them for taking him in, it could have been worse – smokers, parents to other foster children, and an adopted child that was taking them through drama at the time.

Through the years: Manchild has battled Asthma, ADHD, Depression, Anger and Attachment Disorders. We’ve gone through countless, counselors (professional and spiritual), therapists and psychiatrists. But the moment he got into high school, there was a shift in his behavior far darker than years before.

Now: I’ve watched him become obsessed with death metal music, black nails, demonic clothing, combative, obstinate, insulting, and a disregard for any authoritative direction. What I do know is that is not my son – those are demonic forces that have attacked his already fragile mind. I have been battling against these forces so hard that it’s left me exhausted mentally and physically. But, I will not give up.

I have been given plenty of “if I were you” advice from professionals, friends and family but there is no way… I mean no way at all… you can give advise unless you’ve lived through this thing.

Manchild is in the hospital for the second time this year – and I pray the last time – for self-destructive and combative behavior.  He was watching TV and playing video games 24/7 with limited sleep and his only communication to the outside world was through X-Box live or his cell phone.  He refused to do anything I told him to do and was living in filth right before my very own eyes. The state had to become involved (which is another blog completely because I’m totally angry with them right now) because he would not come out of his room for anything but food and bathroom.

He is so angry with me for having him hospitalized again, but I did speak to him today. This is what I told him: “I love you. I know you’re angry but I want you to use this as an opportunity to get back in line with your destiny (because he deserves it), I want you to use this as an opportunity to ask for help and for directions to get you to your goals. Get your anger out and discover what it is you want to do to make a difference in the world.”

I don’t know how much went in one ear and out the other so for my warriors who have been by my side on this, and those new to my story, I am asking for your agreement as I speak life into my son. Join me as I pray for God to send his angels to repair the damage caused by his birth mother’s abuse while he was in the womb. Join me as I demand satan to step back and away from my son and our home in JESUS name! Join me as I see my son’s destiny clearly: a God-loving strong black man, a talented artist-musician-photographer, a blessing to others, self-suffient, lover of family and compassionate toward those who will walk his path and need help. Please join me as I know, God is Able! 

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